Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Community Updates

*) - Peter Saunders - "My first go at using a palette knife, I thought I'd share how brave I feel!"

*) - Hector Arzate - "A teacher just upload his first Gumroad video. He is pretty cool I took some courses with him at Gnomon Online. His name is Craig Elliott.
This is a character design portrait lesson painted from imagination. The lesson will teach basic working methods in Photoshop, color for realistic skin under overcast light, character design of a personality, and general approach of painting a portrait in Photoshop. This is a 15 minute video with image file of the painting included."

*) - Portrait Study by Leila At

*) - Cristian Sánchez AtwoCandels‎ - Hello all! Here it's my last illustration, Berserk Fan Art. Here is the video-presentation with sketch & detail view:

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