Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Nice art critique

Artist - Aastikya Tiwari

Reviewer - Yannis Piette

"Nice painting ! 

Think about composition : what do you want to show? On this piece, you seem to have one main point of interest, the farm, and a secondary one, the farmer. Try to make that farm more appealing, be it by its design, by the way you put it in space (for example, the point of view from where you show it) or by how you lead the viewer to see it. Same for the farmer

You also seems to want to narrate a story. Right now, I only see a farmer and its dog look at its farm : try to put the elements/posing/etc. to make us understand what you want to tell.

Finaly, about your composition, you put the two points of interest in the down part of the canvas, so you have a lot of spacfe for what happens in the upper part. Right now, there is nothing to really look at, apart that cloud hidden behind the two straight gray lines (or maybe is it mountains, it really looks more like gray lines to me though hahah). Make it interesting ! 

A piece by Slawek Fedorczuk that showcase all of that. He even made the clouds almost disappear as it could have stolen all the interest of the image. 

Keep it up !"

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