Monday, October 17, 2016

Book - The War for the Lot (Sterling E. Lanier)

The War for the Lot: A tale of fantasy and terror

Alec March's grandfather was the owner of an idyllic Connecticut farm that had through the eons become a sanctuary for animals both large and small. This year Alec's annual summer visit was marred by something very, very, different. Like electricity in the air, an overwhelming, powerful, all pervasive FEAR gripped the Lot and all of its inhabitants. Suddenly Alec was called to arms with a motley band of animals to defend a way of life and save the Lot from dark and evil forces. Could a young boy with the aid of a woodchuck, a skunk, a raccoon and a deermouse save the Lot?

ISBN - 0695891685, (ISBN13: 9780695891688)
Series: Hiero #1

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