Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 2015 Highlights (Freelance Talents)

*) - Artist Lothar Zhou - "The place I spent most of my childhood with my grandma and aunt in the early 80's. Now it's the most modern part of the city. I painted by over 30 years memory and desaturated bit for better mood. By Artrage, Photoshop."

*) - 3D Production Pipeline

*) - Artist - Jacob Smith

*) - Antoine Collignon· - "Telekinesis test subject on the run" C&C are welcome ! smile emoticon Uncompressed on :…/telekinesis-test-subject-on-th… ‪#‎freelancetalents‬ ‪#‎art‬‪#‎freelance_talents‬ ‪#‎concept‬


*) - Amélie Hutt - "Hey guys, here I uploaded a video of my 10 minutes speed painting studies process. I quickly demo the brushes I use. These studies are done from photographs, for training. The lasso tool and transformation tool are used along with the brushes. I find the lasso tool to be excellent at training your eyes to broad abstract shapes. A useful and quick exercise to do regularly.
Also if you know who the first photograph is from, please let me know."


*) - Michelle Natalia - "Hello guys, this is a study I did to challenge myself and also getting out from my comfort zone.
I've always been lazy in drawing pose and coloring clothes. But I will try to do more from now on. smile emoticon
Reference Image: (…/michael-david-adams-morgane-…) Software: paint tool SAI" 

*) - Artist Ivan Dedov

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