Friday, August 7, 2015

Featured Artists

*) - Danil Sherekin - "The Mushroom Man!" Process here - 

*) - Diego Cunha - "Hi guys! My latest work!"


*) - Ananda C. Aran - "Hi! I think I'm better at exteriors than interiors and I'm trying to compensate. My self-imposed brief for this one was steampunk/art nouveau inspired studio. Any critique especially in regards to design and composition is welcome.

PS if anyone is interested in my process I kept all the layers on the psd unmerged and could put together a little step by step or share the .psd."


*) - Gaétan Weltzer - "Hey guys, sharing with you my latest speedpainting process in video."


*) - Artist - Jacob Ditchmen -


*) - Bright Future by Daniel Pellow


*) - Kadilu Alex - A beautiful combination of real photography and painting (Captown city, South Africa) ‪#‎freelance_talents‬ ‪#‎art‬ ‪#‎picture‬ ‪#‎southafrica‬‪#‎freelancetalents‬


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