Friday, April 10, 2015

FT Community Updates

*) - Boell Oyino: "Hi ! my entry for a brainstorm challenge ! We had to mix gladiator with insect/fish features. Well, the rhinobeetle features aren't so obvious it's a pity. But I ceased this opportunity to experiment how the result will look if I removed lines."

*) - Speed Painting by Mathieu Seddas

*) - Alessandro Constantini - "Fluid simulation colisioning with fresh fruits. I used a kodak gold 200 film emulation, baked the simulation and rendered a still frame."

*) - Kristina Gls - "My goal was to imitate the crystal in a variation to get the overall impression, used mainly 2 brushes, 1 textured beneath and then 1 basic brush with just shape dynamics for sharpness. 1 par appears off but unsure what to do about it. Took a bit more than an hour, another 30 min for initial copy of the image. I tried lasso way with gradients, but it was too flat."

*) - Thank you all for the feedback  here is update. First I did all sharp edges some, but I prefer the a bit more organic one on the right, what do you say? This was even more fun than the first part  Played around with color a bit to make it more magical. I didnt change any textures tho to not overdo it. So any C&C are very welcome  (which one do you prefer)

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