Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Amazing Freelance Talents

*) - Zbrush Tutorial : Create Hair with Fibermesh

*) - Art - Sylwia Smerdel - "Hi guys. This is my break through. Finally managed to combine perspective, some lightning and some dynamics in one work. I've been so blocked with that for years..."

*) - Flavio Greco Paglia

"Hi people! I had the pleasure of making the cover for 'Antología Steampunk, cuentos del retrofuturo', a book next to be edited by Ediciones Ayarmanot."

*) - Art - Andreas Vourdoumpas, 3D matte painting, modelled in maya, and Zbrush, rendered with vray. ‪#‎freelance_talents‬

*) - Art: Leo Loomie - "Becalmed! - Soft pastel on art spectrum paper on archival foamcore, 9X13" ‪#‎freelance_talents‬

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